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About the FileSafe Solution

Where cloud security stops, FileSafe keeps going.  Lock your files to a single recipient, let them use your files as a rental, restrict access after a certain amount of uses or days.  Set to auto destruct after use.

Fast, Easy

Upload the files you want to protect then send them to one or all of your colleagues.

Super Charged Security

Protect 206 file types, Limit Opening, No re-saving or sharing of your file allowed.

Multi-Device Design

Send your files to PC, Mac and mobile devices, Automatic Device detection on download.

Feature Rich File Security

  • Control The Number of days a person can use your file on their device.
  • Choose the number of times the file may be opened by the recipient.
  • Set the number of minutes the file can be viewed (great for media files or presentations)
  • Control number of times the file can be downloaded by the recipient.
  • Give an option to the recipient to unlock the file for unlimited use, perfect for things like e-publications or full length videos.
  • Use the "Delete From Server" option to leave no trace of files being transmitted or shared.

Plus Many More.

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FileSafe Useage and Application

Financial advisors and their clients use FileSafe to transmit and receive scanned government documents, proposals and statements with the highest level of transparency, compliance and security.


Accountants and accounting firms keep statements and records secure in the cloud to distribute securely to their clients and government agencies




Medical practitioners can securely transmit files between other practitioners, surgeons and analysts. Keeping patients data safe and secure.


Scientists, Researchers and Inventors have valuable Intellectual property to secure. Filesafe allows them all to share ideas, documents, videos and recordings without the fear of losing their work.

Publishers utilize FileSafe to safeguard their publications from illegal sharing and loss of sales.


Recording Artists use FileSafe to securely deliver their demos to AR reps. and share their music with absolute certainty they aren't being pirated.


People working in the design industry find filesafe to be the best way to transfer scripts, musical scores and design samples as well as contract and personal info.



Consumers demand their copies of Passports, ID scans, credit card scans and personal legal documents be accepted through FileSafe.

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Unteathered Protection

 FileSafe's proprietary delivery method makes your file secure whether the person using your file is online or offline. †There is no loss of security and the user can access the information that you have sent any time, online or offline. †FileSafe protected files keep all of their protection, timing and events regardless if a person can't connect.

Compliance and Program Control

Safe and Secure Cloud

The FileSafe Cloud service is setup, managed and housed within a secure IBM SoftLayer Facility. FileSafe Complies with all FIPS and HIPAA Hardware standards.  Using Intel XEON and TXT processors with AES-NI enabled (where applicable) and in use by our proprietary cognitive scripting software. The FileSafe - Softlayer Facilities are Audited facilities extending SOC1, 2 and 3 reports to full users within the service infrastructure.  Certified ISO 27001, 27018

8 Million + Files Protected - 0 Breaches.

The FileSafe system has been audited and approved by the University of Maine cyber security division and various team members of Anonymous.  After protecting over 8 Million files, No file that has ever been protected by FileSafe protection has ever been breached.

Unparallel File Protection

When you wish to send a file to one of your contacts, the FileSafe system re-protects your file with up to 6 layers of strong dynamic encryption and 30 layers of dynamic file protection that are specifically designed to match the recipients system, ID, authentication and usage.  When sending any one of your files through FileSafe, each file is protected individually for the recipients device.  The file cannot be moved, shared or tampered with by anyone.  The method used to create your protection is never saved on our servers. This eliminates all risk of file tampering both at the server and at the recipients end.


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Packages and Pricing.

We offer pricing to suit any budget. Try it for 30 days Risk Free, cancel any time.


Secure/Encrypted Cloud Storage
25GB Storage
10 Protects /mo
60Meg Upload Size
Unlimited File Receives
10 Distribution Contacts

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Business Plus

Secure/Encrypted Cloud Storage
70GB Storage
250 Protects /mo
1.5Gb Upload Size
Unlimited Receives
500 Distribution Contacts

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Includes Automatic Enrollment into the File Safe Affiliate Program.


$280/mo per seat
Secure/Encrypted Cloud Storage
500GB Storage / seat
5000 Protects/mo per seat
2.2Gb Upload Size / seat
Unlimited Receives
Unlimited Contacts

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Includes Automatic Enrollment into the File Safe Affiliate Program.

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How Is FileSafe Used?

The vast majority of files that are being protected by the FileSafe technology today are document format files.

Here's what else our users are protecting..

Video Files

Document Formats

Audio Formats

Image Formats

Top Clients.

Just a few of the businesses using FileSafe to protect their files.


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