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Marcus Edleman

Everyone here that I work with at Apple has been using FileSafe to securely send everything from video to documents. This thing can't be beat! Once the file arrives to the person who's supposed to get it, it can't be moved, copied, recorded, forwarded and we love how the files destroy themselves.

-Marcus Edleman

Secure To PC
And Mobile

FileSafe allows you the flexibility of cloud storage with the added security of optional DRM protection on each and every file you share across any device.


FileSafe offers unmatched, best of breed, impenetrable file security protection! Your files are secured during upload, secure in the Cloud, secure while at rest and can be delivered and shared with even more security than any other cloud storage system on the market today. FileSafe is also the only solution in the world that prevents illegal file sharing. You can now have complete confidence in knowing that your Intellectual Property can be fully protected.




Are you or your company still sending paper reports, account statements or records via post? It's estimated that currently 4 billion trees per year are cut down for use as paper and paper products with business printing, record keeping and mailing making up a large portion of that waste. It's no wonder our CO2 rates are off the chart. By replacing your hard copy system with FileSafe, you can feel confident that your documents are delivered to the right people, privately, securely, just like a postal service, and sleep better knowing that every file you send is helping to save our planet.


FileSafe gives you the ability to drag new documents to the cloud, then simply send them securely to your clients, partners, suppliers or lenders. You can increase your companies productivity by skipping the printing, packaging and mailing of each document that needs to be shipped / sent to a specific person or company. FileSafe delivers your files with 2 tier authentication and password protection, and locks your file to the recipients device. No one else can steal a link or bypass a transfer. Illegal file sharing is also prevented. FileSafe keeps track of the date and time a file is uploaded, sent, received and opened by its recipient compared to mail where you can forget about tracking your documents through countless terminals and customs stops.

Saves You

The price to send a protected file to a recipient through FileSafe ranges from 25 cents up to 50 cents, well below the cost of a regular stamp in North America. A company sending thousands of documents, reports, promotional material, audio samples or videos can save thousands of dollars per year, just by choosing to deliver digital assets through FileSafe. Join the world of smart business owners and consumers, already saving money, by sending their documents to their partners, clients, suppliers and lenders, using the impenetrable file protection provided by Impervio FileSafe.

Affiliate Program

Subscribers to any one of our very reasonable business packages are automatically enrolled in the FileSafe three tier affiliate program!

24/7 Support

All FileSafe users have access to 24/7 live chat support inside the Impervio FileSafe App.

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Extensive Video Tutorials

Because you can do so much more with FileSafe than other cloud storage solutions, we offer numerous helpful video tutorials to allow you to understand the full power of the FileSafe system.

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